Laser & Profile Cutting Service

We have the capability to laser cut mild steel up to 15mm thick and stainless up to 12mm thick. When the profiling of larger thicknesses is required, we also offer flame of any mild steel materials up to 150mm thick.

Bysprint 3015 Capacity

Normal Sheet Size: x = 3000mm, y = 1500mm
Cutting Range: x = 3048mm/120ins, y = 1524mm/60ins, z = 100mm/3.90ins

Maximum Sheet Thickness
Mild Steel = 15mm
Stainless Steel = 12mm
Aluminium = 10mm

Positioning Accuracy +0.1mm

 Advantages of using the laser:

  • Components are produced quickly and accurately

  • Almost any design can be drawn and cut

  • Raw material costs are minimised

  • Minimal heart distortion

  • Cutting of holes, slots and profiles can be carried out in a single programme without the need for complicated jigs or fixtures

Multi-Headed CNC Flame Cutting Machine

Cutting Capacity: 6m x 2.5mbed
Thickness Range: 5mm to 150mm